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Well, as I kind of suspected, what Vetter will be selling is not really a complete kit. What we have available so far is the two halves of the nose. I sent off money for the set. I do wish he had something of the steering turret to sell though. That will be the trickiest part to fabricate on my own but will be doable with diligence. It would be nice if that part is ready for sale when I need it. The nose would have been tedious to do on my own, so I'm glad I won't have to go through that. Bunches of stuff to do on my Honda Reflex in preparation of mounting a fairing. But I pretty much have an idea of what I want to do there, so that should go rather quickly.

I do have a completion goal. I intend to do like I did when building an ultralight aircraft and had the goal of having it done in time for an airshow. I made that goal in part by doing at least a little something to it every day that I could. (It was a mad rush near the end though) It seems a lot of little steps WILL get you where you want to go. And I want to go to the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days in Ohio this coming July 19, 20, 21 riding a streamlined Reflex.

Even after getting parts and supplies for the project, I figure it will still take several months to "get r' done" and I have a couple friends that will keep me motivated and moving on the project. (maybe I should remind them again to keep after me ) But I will document the process even if it just comes in dribs and drabs. So get the popcorn ready.... the show is about to begin!
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