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Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
I think that a GPS alone can actually be more difficult than a roll chart.
Yes and no.

When you don't know the course, you have to watch the GPS screen more than the roadbook because you don't know when you have to turn onto a new road. And you don't always know if you're on the correct road after an intersection, until you've gone a few yards. Thatís makes GPS more difficult.

On the other hand, when you know most of the course, and/or it rarely turns off the main road, the GPS can provide a significant advantage because you can see how sharp the turns are before you get to them. So, you can carry more speed through turns, especially on blind corners such as on mountain roads. If you use both roadbook and GPS, which is possible in the M1K, then you get the best of both.

When it comes to getting lost, thereís no comparison between GPS and roadbook. With GPS tracks, you have to be a complete idiot to get lost. With the roadbook, EVERYONE goofs up and has to face the stress of figuring out where they went wrong and how to get back on track. This is a BIG part of cross country rally. It forces you to THINK more about your navigation, and adds stress every minute of the race because you constantly question if youíre on the right track or not. That uncertainty is totally missing with GPS, and gives a completely different experience.

Of course if you know the race course already, because youíve raced it for years in SCORE, then you probably wonít be stressing over navigation no matter which approach you take. And that gives a huge advantage to those people. A key aspect of cross country rally is that nobody is supposed to know which roads the course takes until they are on it. This is something Iíd like NORRA to change, because it would level the playing field a bit without altering the vintage emphasis. And it would be more true to what a cross country rally is supposed to be. Right now the Mexican 1000 is like a 4 day SCORE race on friendlier roads, with overnight down times. Itís a formula that is working well for now. But they will lose some entries over time from those looking for a different kind of experience, an experience that adds the challenge of navigation.
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