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Originally Posted by Bli55 View Post
I have refrained from posting lots of questions when first getting to know my Montana 600, and many have resolved themselves with help of this thread, wiki and google.
Try it for a couple of months too...

Anyway, here are issues that are still troubling me:

I have 6 shortcuts:

- 2 that turn current track log visibility on/off.
- 2 that turn map view from top view to perspective (automotive) and back.
- 2 that turn routing method from direct to automotive and back.

All these are set to enable the appropriate setting and return to map.

Problem is that none of them work!!

Return to map is ok, but setting which was meant to change stays the same (checked this in the menu as well).
In contrast, manually going and changing settings in the menus gives the right outcome wrt view, routing or track visibility.

Any ideas?
Sorry, I have no idea why your shortcuts don't work, but rather than make subtle changes to a particular profile via shortcuts, I prefer to have multiple profiles reflecting the use, and shortcuts that take me to the profiles.

That works really well for me.

I can see the last four of your shortcuts working well in the 'shortcut to profile' model.
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