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Gary, this isn't specific to an LC4, but in general for USD forks, you remove the forks from the triple clamps, remove the spring keeper cap in the top of the fork (there is light pressure from the spring on it, so be careful as it pops open.) Remove the springs and any shims that are present. Turn the fork top side down and pour the oil out, then pump the fork until you hear the fork sucking air to make sure you get all the trapped oil out. This can be messy if you don't do it slowly.

Refill with the specificied cc's of your favorite fork oil, if you have the spec and nifty sucky thing then measure the distance from the top of the fork to the oil level to get it exactly setup for your preferences.

That's the the general process. The complete disassembly drill in the manual is really more for inspection of fork internals for wear and/or valving changes.
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