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Originally Posted by JJJZJ View Post
So this past fall, I did a 300 mile trip to Wyoming/Idaho. It has been the first long distance trip with my bike since installing the lights from 1 Off Motorsports.

I was running my Hi and Low beam HIDs, heated grips, heated vest and my GPS - Garmin 60CSX. The trip was from SLC - Driggs, ID. About 297 miles into the 300 mile trip, the ABS light turned on. I found this odd, but I was so close to my destination that I kept on riding.

At mile 299.75 my dash lights cut out at the last stop sign before the end stop. I made the mistake of turning off the bike and it wouldnt restart. I ended up pushing the bike the last quarter mile up a hill(which really sucked).

I got the bike on a charger the next day and it sounded weak, but ran. I turned off all the accessories and ran just the low-beam and kept RPMs in the 4000+ range. The bike died later that day in Yellowstone and I had to get it jumped. I ran the trip back without turning off the bike and got it home. I have since installed a voltmeter, but didnt have much time to watch it as winter rolled in.

Thinking ahead to spring now, does it sound like the lights + accessories are drawing too much juice? Is the battery just toast? Its the stock battery that will be turning 3 soon.

I did 2 months on the road and had no issues a year prior. The only thing I changed are the lights. I dont want the bike to die on me again as it was extremely inconvenient.

Also, with the voltmeter installed, what good/bad numbers should I be looking out for?

I tried searching, but without success.

Any help would be great.

Oh and one last question, is it possible to bump start an 800gs?

Thanks, Jon
Last first... Yes bump start it, with a car, but make sure the engine is off on the car, so as of not to get too much juice into the gs system. Your 1off will not kill your bike. Sounds like its time to trouble shoot. You need to trouble shoot your charging system. Look at the following thread. Go through it step by step, as it will tell you if your stator, and subsequent r/r is functioning correct;y. It is known that the stators fail on these bikes after a while.

In case you need it.....

Let us know what you find, but I can asure you the 1off had nothing to do with it, unless you wired it as a short to chassis ground.....

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