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Iíve been reading this thread HW(can I call you that?) thinking that the original NORRA 1000 want run with GPS or road books, so neither format is really period correct. I think NORRA is really using the Rally term because of the stage format without regard to traditional rally navigation. The majority of the car racers are desert racers, not rally guys. My impression is that itís a vintage event that is honoring desert racing, not rally racing. I assume if there are vintage rally events, they use traditional rally navigation.

I would not have a problem racing without GPS if the course were marked.

I think that if there are racers/ralliers that want to use only road books that there could be a class set up so itís fair. I think even though the majority of the Baja racers could get from A to B without road books or GPS, they would take different routes. If you send a 100 cars down the peninsula on different routes it would create more problems than it would solve.

I drive a single seater and the road book is worthless while under power. In the past I would study the book and make notes then tape them to the visor, but thereís now way Iíd be able to stay on course without GPS. Sure I could stop read the book, but stopping on the course is a hazard.

Iíve never used a roll chart, but Iím going to investigate it for this year.
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