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Originally Posted by Motorfiets View Post
That chart means nothing. Which is the exact issue at best. They all post this and that..... half a$$ scientific dyno results...... But it really gets to me when I see those charts with fine different colors, without the dyno used....not specifics like runfile 01-02-03-04 with equipments configuration...etc. MaxBMW has a fine rep, that is all good with me, but when anyone yaps, and then posts a dynograpph like that, that has no reference.. well.... it means nothing more than this....

Granted.... I have heard several people say that the tune is not that beneficial for the 8GS.... and have heard some that says it is. But until someone really gets with it, and proofs it with other that a buttdyno...... Then it is all fair game. I was hoping someone would step up, before my tune comes in in a month or two...... But no one has done it. Ben.... sorry if this upset you, I mean no disrespect to you or MaxBMW, but it really gets under my nail when these half graphs gets posted, luring in people to say buy the slip ons...etc. All that said. When I do my convert in a month or two, the cycle will be documented with videos, of the dyno run, through out the convert, before,and after, as to offer maximum transparency. Time for a mooooooooovie.

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