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Originally Posted by az45 View Post
I think NORRA is really using the Rally term because of the stage format without regard to traditional rally navigation... My impression is that itís a vintage event that is honoring desert racing, not rally racing.
Then why do they offer a rally roadbook? They want it both ways, unfortunately that doesn't really work.

Originally Posted by az45 View Post
I think that if there are racers/ralliers that want to use only road books that there could be a class set up so itís fair.
So far NORRA hasn't accepted that idea, though it's been suggested since the first year.

Originally Posted by az45 View Post
I drive a single seater and the road book is worthless while under power. In the past I would study the book and make notes then tape them to the visor, but thereís now way Iíd be able to stay on course without GPS. Sure I could stop read the book, but stopping on the course is a hazard.
Bike guys read the roadbook while racing, without stopping, and stay on course. At least one of the M1K single seaters did it too. You just need an odometer and a roadbook holder like the bike guys use:
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