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Sorry no vids or pics but I used the tool to mount tires on my Tiger 1050 today. Brand new Pilot Road 3's, rear tire size was 180/55 zr17 and there was little to no drama using this tool. I did use tire lube to mount the tires, I easily fit the first bead over the rim using only my hands. The second bead needed the tool of course.

I struggled at first (the pusher bar kept slipping out of the splines whenever I tried to push the sidewall) but I figured out that I needed to put as much of the bead over the rim as possible and then push down the tire opposite the area that remained over the rim to give the tire some slack. I have some NoMar tools to hold the tire down (yellow hand thingie) and then I could use the tool to push the last of the bead over the rim. Took a little bit of force but not near as much as I remember using on my mounting bar that came with my CycleHill tire changer. You do have to be just a bit careful as I think you could scratch the rim with the pusher arm.

Rear wheel axle size on the Tiger was just the right size for the tool with no sleeves, I had to use the included sleeve for the front wheel but it worked really well.

Conclusion: I like this thing better than my mounting bar for getting the last of the bead over the rim, seemed to take much less force to get the job done. Of course you need something to break the beads and remove the old tire before this tool can be used.
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