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I posted this over in the XCW thread in Thumpers, but it probably belongs here more,

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With the wiring shaping up it was time to mount it all up on the bike, hereís the bundle high and tight, it needs to be able to swing above the frame mount and still need to tuck into the triple tower. Also with all the little connectors for the lamps, temp, kill, speedo and computer, I went ahead and color coded them with shrink tube.

Next comes a trip to the molders for test shots, 3mi away, he wouldnít let me take any pics of him, but hereís the business end,

And back to start building the mounting brackets,

Having had a few months to daydream about the mounts so I already had plans on what to try first,

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Thanks guys,

With the wiring sorted out on the frame mounted version it as time to see how the triple mounted tower would mount and if the wiring could all fit in there.

The right hand side plate can be removed while all the components stay bolted to the other side for ease of working.

Iíll be trying a plastic shear bolt for the roadbook mount to allow limited rotation in the event of an impact.

Buttoned up,

We have a volleyball tournament this weekend, so Iíll need to find time to finish the wiring and go for a ride. Up next is the fork mounted version, same brackets, just reversed,

Plan is a bit of testing over the next few weeks, then a vendor thread.

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