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Originally Posted by Jonesin View Post
If you read the full post, he was saying that the Blast has the power now that was considered a 'fast bike' not too many decades ago.

That's all. It is considered using today's standards indeed a 'beginner bike'. However, for a complete novice with zero prior experience a 500cc bike with 46 HP can cause far more trouble for you than say, the 20 HP 200cc Suzuki DR that I did my MSF course on just 8 months ago.
Have you ridden a Blast? I have. Several times. It is as mild as a 250 to ride. The bike was specifically designed as a beginner bike. It's smaller, lower, longer clutch engagement, lower power at bottom end, easy to steer at low speeds, doesn't damage at low speed tip overs. The guy who wrote that blog has a bone to pick with the msf and is using the Blast as a way to get at it.

It didn't sell well at all. Why? Well, it was a Buell and it's too small for normal size people, once they know how to ride and it's under powered. Wife road it on the highway a few times and then traded it.
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