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TVIP update

short verision
Looked on line to get TVIP, need to fill out forms, need PRE APROVED VISA to get TVIP and then fax or mail copy of title and passport WAIT 7 DAYS TO GET STICKER.
Decided to go to Mexican consulate in Sacramento (100 miles) to avoide the fax email etc. and get it all done right there. Sneek away from work, drive down to Sac Get a number they give me a book all in spanish (ok) we are second in line, going good.
The clerk tells use we need to go online get a PREAPROVED VISA PRINTED COPY TO GET THE TVIP. You can;t do that here?
No you have to get done before you come, BUT you can go down to XYZ copy and they will do it for $8. we drive down 3 miles get the copy come back give her the printout we get the TVIP all is good right? They tell me its $400 dollars charge my card for thousands of pesos I don;t calc. turns out to be $462, shame on me. Nowshe needs a copy of of my passport and title. While waiting I happen to notice that there is a copy windowwith a fairly long line.Got you! I have copies read it on ADV!, gave her the copies. I check to see that the vin is correct it is all is cool.
Peel off the sticker tonight put it on the windshield looking and admiring my acomplshment, thats when i notice that it is only for 60 days not 6 months F)(*)(*)(. Call my buddy, his is the same we can't get out of CA. without a problem. All I can do is hope they will fix it with out my credit card because i'm not going for credit and recharge. If thats the case I'll deal with it on the road. Moral of the story? Check EVERYTHING even if you are still in the USA on Mexican territory AND BRING COPIES. saw it onADV.
Its just a fire drill for things to come on the way to Panama nothing that another cerveza can't fix.
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