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Originally Posted by Unsung View Post
Need a bit of help. I started working on this over a month ago but I had to leave the country. I replaced my clutch center after one of the bolts broke out and hit the cover. I finally got around to putting it all back in today, I didn't try to crank it. The clutch isn't working at all. I put it in neutral and it rolls fine, I kick it in gear and hold the clutch and nothing. The only thing I know of I did wrong was when I put the clutch push rod in, the bike wasn't in neutral. Is this most likely my problem? If I pull the cover off and the pressure plate, and move that rod around do you think it'll pop down somewhere where it should be and work? If not, I have no idea what's going on.
When in gear and you pull in the clutch lever, you say "nothing". What do you mean exactly? Does the rear wheel not spin? The clutch rod shouldn't be affected by the transmission gear position when you install it. It just transfers the action through the motor to the clutch pack.

I'm guessing that your clutch plates are sticking a bit since it's sat for some time. With cold oil, there is quite a bit of viscosity to overcome to get the friction and drive plates to "let loose". Try putting the bike in a taller gear, pull in the clutch and then try to spin the rear wheel again. Or, put the bike on the ground (again in a taller gear), pull in the clutch AND decompression levers, and slowly rotate the kickstarter through it's range. That should break the friction and drive plates.
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