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Toldlady, and Annamarie,

As you have seen, we are one large, diverse, and kinda dysfunctional family around here.

And now, you're part of it (whether you like it or not).

Just because Lyndon finished his race, doesn't mean that we wouldn't be happy to have you stay with us. Stay with us here on the board, or if you ever come to town, mi casa es su casa.

When I travel, I stay in hotels because I choose to, not out of need. We have people everywhere, and are always interested in seeing those friends we haven't met yet.

Few people start out in this niche, 'adventure riding'. Almost all of us come from different riding backgrounds. Mine was offroad racing, then road racing, then touring, then into this 'what's down that path' mode. So we are, for the most part, experienced riders, tend to be professionals in our fields, and folks that will do anything for a friend we haven't met yet,'s in our nature to do so.

Many diverse backgrounds here. I was a soldier for 27 years, now retired, living in Canada. We have plumbers and surgeons, lawyers and factory workers, and even let in engineers.

All this to say: You are welcome here, and it is hoped that we will hear from you again in the future. You are fambly (you can decide for yourself if you want to admit that or not).


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