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thanks for that, yes ive been following nicolas's jouney starting at 127, through the 100's to finish malles moto in 87...epic finish

Originally Posted by JMo (& piglet) View Post
Don't know if it's been mentioned since the finish, but Nicolas Boyer #127 on the Honda XR400 finished in 87th spot (just one behind Shoestring)... he is currently profiled in the Dakar Mag section on

Although typically those pages are superseded quite regularly...

It's quite a story - a 3500 Euro bike that he first raced in the African Dakar back in 2001 - congratulations Nicolas!

In praise of simplicity

There is a moral of austerity in the adventure lived by Nicolas Boyer during these two weeks of racing. While certain pilots see deep pockets as the path to glory, the rider from Annonay made his comeback to the rally with a 1999 motorcycle, following his debut in 2001. "My Honda 400 XR is probably the least expensive motorcycle in the rally, it only cost 3,500 euros. I trusted it from the beginning, and rightly so. I had a few scares, but luck was on my side. My front wheel is bent and has a broken spoke, but it still does its job and I don't have a spare part. My ring snapped off from behind. I only had two screws on me and I got two more from spectators nearby. A small miracle", explains Nicolas, who was also helped by a guardian angel in Chile: "The zip on my jacket was torn off, so I rode two stages with my jacket open. Back home, my wife posted an appeal for help on Facebook. A woman came to see me at the bivouac, I gave her my jacket and she brought it back the next morning so that I could continue." Nicolas also broke two ribs on the road, but he clenched his teeth while savouring his success: "It boggles the mind that my motorcycle survived, seeing everything it was put through. I'd probably have had some more fun with a more powerful motorcycle, but I'm not sure I'd still be here."


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