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Originally Posted by JayBo1 View Post
Well that's it then?? Run and won ... what's for dinner?

I mentioned early in the race (about Stage 3 or 4 I think) that I was real busy with a major project for work so wouldn't be contributing to the F5irehose this year. I just want to say that I've really, really appreciated all the inside news I got to pick up here on ADV. This was undoubtedly the best source for the behind the scenes background and news on the pack. Thanks everyone.

This year I worked so that next year I can play. Which brings me to the news I am most desperate for ... where will I be for the start and finish next year? In which city will I be for Xmas in 2013? In which city will I be nursing a hangover at the finish?

ALso in for a mousse or two, JAybo

Originally Posted by Yamezz View Post
If it is indeed the case, that Ruben's deficit to Cyril is less than the time he spent waiting for Cyril, he therefore would have won, and in my opinion deserves to win. If I was in Cyril's shoes I would not feel my 'win' was deserved. Something sits a little uneasy with me - if Cyril had won through Ruben's help, but Ruben had finished down the order, I'd be OK with that; but having Ruben effectively give up his win for Cyril I don't think is very sporting at all. Team orders or not, I think in that situation I may have pulled over just before the ASS and given Ruben back his minutes.

Anyone got a link to this footage?
That is teamwork, mate, nobody does it alone. Ruben might not be there at all if he werent able to wait.

Maybe he and Chealeco are the next gen's Marc nad Cyril
Unintentional psychokinesis.
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