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just a point of reference. I just replace my chain at 30k miles. the O ring on one link failed and that one link wore badly( ie stretch almost 1/8 inch) so I had to replace the whole chain. I did replace the front was slightly worn...did not need to but it was cheap and easy.

Looking at the comments here, I do much LESS maintenance....lube about every 1000 miles, clean much less frequently.

why I think this is ok and seems to have worked

there are two wear/lube point on the chain
1) the contact between roller and sprocket,
This is the one every one sees, over up dirt and dust. using a Scott oil in my mind is installing a dust and dirt magnet...dumb. Using a limited amount of Wax based oil do reduce this wear....using heavy oil just makes everything dirty
2) the more important between the pins internal to the rollers and the side plates of the chain. It is these second, more important that are lubed at the factory and the lube is kept in place by the O ring (or X rings). It is important that these O/X rings are not damaged and the factory oil does not leak out.

Protecting the O rings.....No harsh brushing, No pressure washing No solvents like WD40 to dilute and flush out the factory lube behind the O get the idea

Using a lubricant like the dupont teflon helps the O rings stay healthy.

Just my 2 cents
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