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Yesterday I got out on the test bike for a lap around the neighborhood.

This bike was in a front end crash with a car. 3,200 miles. Front rim is bent - won't hold more than 20 psi when tire is cold (20F). Radiator was smashed - I fit a 950 ADV Radiator in for test purposes. Oil tank was cracked - welded that back up to seal it. Hung the headlight back on with a few bolts and zip ties.

No point to stick a bunch of money in this as a test "RAT" bike. I've got other ideas for that in the future.

As long as it runs and is ride able, I'm happy.

I have more adaptor plates made, o-ring sealed to the tank with pick-up and return line fittings. I'm running a CPR filter kit on the bike so I have room to fit the external Filter, Pump, FPR.

The FI light is blinking and I need to look it over for vacuum leaks and confirm SAS and all the junk were removed properly once it warms up and I have more time.

Well...... The bike runs, idles great, revs nice. I let it idle for about 20 min and it was stable. Fuel pump stayed cool to the touch. Fuel lines were cold, so that's a plus. Now it's time to toss on the gear and helmet.

Remember, Flat front tire with dinged up rim.....

When pulling out of drive, RPM revved up a bit..... something I failed to check in my excitement. Throttle cable play from lock to lock. I guess something needs a look at when I get a chance. NO biggy for now though. Let see what it's like.

Well.... It's no ADV. This thing is LOW, and planted, but still has room for my 6'4" body. Steering was very heavy, Low air in tire, but the engine felt nice with a small hick up off bottem. Not sure if that's mapping, with all the mods and screwing around or the NEW FP setup. Straight line, this thing comes alive in a big way around 5,000 RPMs. Front end up...... Ooops. upon contact to ground I think more air got pushed out of tire. Very flat now. Hard to corner. Time to head back to the garage before I'm in the ditch. Big smile though. This is going to fun. This would be a blast at a track day.

I'm happy with the first ride even with the small issues. New bike to me and this should be a great test bike for Engine and FI mod testing in the future. Easy to do engine swaps and strap down to dyno.

These are the same rims as I use on the 17" ADV/SE rim conversion so I'll put a new front rim on it when time and weather allows and get out for round 2.

The Tank adaptor plates are complete and if anyone is interested in one to build there own kit, contact me.

I hope to have a complete External 990 FI pump kit ready in Spring. This should install and fit very well on a 990 ADV

It's 10F hear now, so bike is parked until it warms up a bit, at least back to 40F.
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