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Originally Posted by nomad5326 View Post
Good Review. Let's hope BMW pays atention and fully updates the Sertao to compete w/the Terra and let both keep pushing the 650cc single ADV parameters. Neither will ever be a 100% trail bike but the more effort the companies put in to frame, suspension and engine dynamics will forge a new direction in ADV Touring Singles. Can't beat the price of the Terra and SOOOO much room to grow and develop the bike. Will watch with continued interest.
How to make a World Class RTW ADV Travel Bike?

If BMW really wants to develop the Sertao ... and really give it some cred, they'd be wise to assemble a team headed up by Walter Colebatch. Let him and his crew dig into that bike and do some sensible, cost effective mods.

Ride them on the Road of Bones, beat them senseless, see what breaks and what needs attention. A small price to pay to get expert R & D and cost effective mods. Colebatch's rides across Russia, Mongolia and the Stans are world class torture events ... and NO ONE has done the tracks he has done there ... and ALL on his modified BMW X Challenge.

Then it would be up to BMW to find a way in incorporate Colebatch's ideas into the bike and still have it be affordable ... and of course make a profit.

How much extra would you pay for a "Colebatch" modified Sertao?
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