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Originally Posted by itsatdm View Post
Your resting battery should show a minimum of 12.5 volts. Habitual readings below that and the battery is toast.

When cranking the engine, if you get readings 10v or below also indicates a battery problem.

At idle the stator is putting out about 13.8 volts(that is less than the normal 14.2-14.4v of most stators). Less than that is a stator problem and needs further checking. If you get the same reading as the resting battery, it is completely dead.

Readings at 15v and above indicates a bad regulator.

If you pass all those test, I would add up wattage your accessories are using and see if it exceeds stator output. 400 watts total which is approximate at X rpms.

If you meant bump start, you are a better man than me. It depends on how low the battery has gotten. Low enough for the engine to die, than probably not.

You can jump start from any 12v source. A good idea to turn the engine of the donor car off, but not required if the car alternator/ regulator is not damaged.
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