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July 20th, 2012
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The weather had turned overnight, so we woke up to typical west-coast weather. Intermittent rain showers, separated by periods of fog and mist.
Only thing planned today was to whip into Tofino, have a look around and a bite to eat.
I took the bike while the rest of the family went in the van. I had it in my mind that I hadn’t really ridden to the west coast if I hadn’t taken the bike to Tofino. Weather was shitty, and it was only around 25 km to Tofino, but it had to be done. (Besides, going cold-turkey from riding to caging might be bad for my health ;-) ) Nice road but lots of traffic. Never got above 3rd gear.

Hippy-wear ... also know as 'Tofino Camouflage'

Tofino was a zoo. Found parking for the bike and the van, changed out of my riding gear, and went for stroll. Was still raining a bit, but bearable. Did a bit of shopping, and had lunch at The Schooner … a nice converted house with lots of rough-hewn wood. Fantastic chowder (just what the doctor ordered on a cold wet day) and seafood. Also, was introduced to the fine products of the Tofino Brewing Company. We had seen the sign for the brewery at the edge of town, and decided to try a couple with lunch. Fantastic.

Stopped in at the other surf shop I had on my ‘to-do’ list … Storm Surf. Again, got talking with the guy at the counter, and he set me up with stickers for the bike.
Went into the little grocery store to pick up a few things, and ran into Sarah McLachlan. Susan wanted to go and get a picture with her, but she was obviously shopping, and had her kids in-tow so we decided against it. Was a neat celebrity encounter none the less.
Putzed around Tofino for a bit more, and then decided to head back to the campsite. On the way out of town, we pulled into the Tofino Brewing Company. They seem pretty new … the ‘gift shop/tasting bar was just a small space at one end of the production floor. Chatted with the girl working the shop/bar. Apparently, at the moment they only produce draft beers … no bottling. Hence, their products are only available in local restaurants. I had hoped to buy some bottles to take home as gifts, but since it’s draft it doesn’t last more than a few days once it’s decanted. They do sell growlers, and even though it would take up a significant portion of our cooler we grabbed a few litres of their Reign In Blonde. I have to say, this beer, served at ‘ice-in-a-cooler-full-of food’ temperature was fantastic … easily the best one I tried all trip! It didn’t last long. If we’d had more room in the cooler, I would have liked to have grabbed some more for the road.
Headed back to camp. Had dinner and went to bed in good time ... in the rain, of course.

Libation: TBC’s Reign In Blonde
Smoke: Pipe … Executive Blend
Milage: 42km
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