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Spent the day riding my old stomping grounds in the coastal hills around Alices restaurant and HWY 9. These are the places that I learned how to ride, often cutting class back in high school because the call of the curvy roads I just couldn't resist. Took a friend out there who wasn't familiar with more than the main highways and had to show him my favorite secondary roads (Kings Mountain, Zayante Creek, China Grade etc). Reminds me of why I should get out there more often and this is the right time of year, not for dragging your knees but experiencing these places with little traffic compared to the carnival it usually is. A bit chilly in the morning keeps the sneaker wearing crowd away.
And ride we did. Always fun to share something close to me with somebody else. Riding with others does not usually mix well with my photography, but that's o.k. as it was a ride day, not a photo trip. After a number of fun circuits through the redwoods we ended the day at Alices for a late day burger. After the meal my riding bud started to talk of heading straight home, I told him he was nuts, we still had 45 minutes of light and at least that much more of twilight and he NEEDED to experience Tunitas Creek as it's one of my favorites up there, and if he didn't go I'd tell everybody he was a sissy. That worked. Figured we'd head down to the coast and back up Tunitas to get over the hill towards home.
Well, plans change. As we approached the coast the sun was so low over the water and the sea was strangely calm with some big breakers at the same time. I had my photo gear in the Jessies and I just couldn't resist. Sorry Dude, we're stoppin and it might be awhile I think he did find it amusing to watch me frantically ride up and down the same stretch of Highway 1 looking for my spot , as I was running out of time. I did find a spot, not sure it was the "one" but hey, it's the CA coast at sunset and it's not fogged in, so it can't really suck. Oh yeah, AND it's the middle of winter and kind of warm by the water. How can you not stop.

It's not like we were the only ones out there.

Timing the shot with the waves just right.

Soon the sun was gone and others had left. My friend asked if I "got my shot", I said I think so, but now is when the real magic happens, after dark .

That was probably enough for him, and he left for home leaving me by myself as the cars were long gone now. Another peaceful time watching the stars slowly coming out in the east , listening to the breakers as the last bit of color remained in the sky. Noticing small details usually missed. When I glanced at my helmet resting on my mirror I couldn't help but think it was a perfect representation of myself reflecting on the days ride.

Since I had the tripod out, figured it was time for a self portrait to remember the day. A memory of enjoying the moment.

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