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Jan 1 Ė 4 Quito

Mrs RB arrives today. Get out to the airport early (Iím not toooo excited ) and fortunately see her get off the plane. Iím hanging around the exit for a long time wondering what is taking so long Ė she hasnít come out yet and all the others waiting for arrivals have left. Expecting there is a problem with her bags as she changed planes in LAX and this isn't the first lost bag when traveling through there.

Finally a guy comes out and gets me Ė sure enough, no bags. Of course I was mainly concerned about the three litres of Mobil 1 and the oil filter along with the replacement LED spot light she had with her. For some reason completely beyond me, she seemed to be more concerned about all the other stuff she had brought along.

Needless to say, they came through with the bags the next day Ė oil and lights were all ok . . . thank God!

Taxis are really cheap in Quito Ė paid between $4 and $8 for the 20-30 minute cab ride between Casa Helbling and the airport - the $8 ride was the morning of Jan 1 . . . understandable. Most towns in North America the cabbies hit that number before they even back out of your driveway.

Found a nice simple restaurant near Gringolandia and I had a pollo la plancha and Mrs RB settled for a salad

Kedgi came into Quito the next day and was staying at a Hostel a couple of kms away so joined us for dinner. Wound up eating sandwiches in the back of some dodgy restaurant. Welcome to Ecuador Sweetie. However, Ulysis and Alison showed up later on and it was great to see them again as well.

Got all my bike maintenance done and sheís good to go for another 10,000 km. Got all of our stuff reorganized for our trip to the Galapagos with everything we donít need there stored in one of the many storage rooms at Casa Helbling. The bike of course, will remain in its great parking spot in the storage area of Casa Helbling.

Itís amazing how much crap you have to deal with when you are reshuffling things for, essentially, three trips: My big trip, our trip to the Galapagos and our trip around Ecuador. Different things needed for each. It was great that Claus and the Casa Helbling were able to handle all of our storage needs and we were grateful to be able to use it as our base of operations in while in Ecuador.

Kedgi came over again on the third and we grabbed a cab to the Historic downtown for a wander around and dinner. Of course, what didnít join us was my camera which caused me to have a hissy fit when I realized the extent of my idiocy. Oh well, it is such a neat place Mrs RB and I decided to return the next day in the daylight.

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