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And of course with the Fuzeblock you can replace blown fuses, with the PDM60 no fuses....if it fails you just remove it and send it back.

Originally Posted by COMESEEGO View Post
The Fuzeblock is way cheaper and will work, if you don't need all the Amp-power and the other PDM features.

PDM60 versus Fuzeblock FZ-1

-both have 6 outputs
-both do max. 60Amp, BUT the PDM does 60 switched "or" 60 constant "or" mixed, as for the FZ it only does 30 switched "and" 30 constant
-PDM does max. 15Amp per output, while the FZ max. 10Amp
-PDM comes standard with 3x 5Amp, 3x 15Amp but can be programed at factory in 0.25 increments from 1 to 15Amp, with the FZ you select thru Mini ATM fuses (2, 3, 4, 5, 7.5, 10Amp) at home
-only the PDM has a Power-On-Delay feature for 6sec for all outputs
-only the PDM has a Power-Off-Delay feature for 180sec for 2 outputs (changeable at factory for others)
-only the PDM has one switchable output per trigger wire to ground
-only the PDM lets you check circuit status via LED (on, standby, fault)
-the PDM resets a faulty circuit by engine off/on, with the FZ you need to check and/or replace a fuse (6 of them; therefor the FZ-1 needs to be accessible)
-the electronics/internals of the PDM are fully encapsulated, on the FZ they are not
-both are Made in USA
-PDM goes for $149.95 (+S/H) and the FZ for $83.99 (+S/H)
-PDM - 'Length': 3", 'Width': 2", 'Height': 0.9"
-FZ - 'Length': 3.314", 'Width': 2.467", 'Height': 1.286" w/standoffs

Accessory Ground Wire:
-with the PDM60 accessory gets directly connected to the bike ground, not back to the PDM.
-the Fuzeblock installation manual mentions to connect each accessory-ground with the FZ-ground-output.


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