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Thanks for both your inputs....

I'm waiting for a rear wheel spacer that is on order before I re-install the rear wheel. What I took off was homemade and pretty cobbled up....I'll give it a go without trying to take off the bevel drive, but just looking at things, it's not obvious to me how I'm gonna do it.

Just got over the flu, still feeling a bit weak, so not much progress lately. I did get the calipers rebuilt, ordered some Spiegler brake lines to replace the old rubber hoses, and I'm waiting on new solid brake lines. The ones I had were pretty bent up as the PO had put the front calipers behind the forks instead of in front and just bent the hoses and solid lines to make things work.

A little story. My dad was a heavy duty equip mechanic, early in his life. The story he told was that his first job interview went: "Theres a tractor engine over there that's all in pieces. If you can get it back together and running, you've got the job." I've always been a bit intimidated that he could have done that. I can't do much of anything without a parts manual, a service manual, and being able to take things apart myself, and then put it back together before I forget how it came apart. When I get to the rear wheel install stage, I'll slow down and take pix/ ask for advice if I get stuck.

Thanks again. roy
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