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I want to dedicate the following ride to the makers of Patagonia fleece long johns: "I'm to sexy for my bike"

hmm maybe not the best road conditions - yet.... ...but the sun is out

less than a mile up the road

along Bald Mountain Creek

my original plan was to take Hwy19 past the big rock slide (that was supposed to be open today), over Spivey Gap and back on Hwy23. Turns out they are still dynamiting the crap out of the rock and the detour was all the way back to Burnsville.... shoot

explored some side roads in the hope to shortcut over to Jacks Creek - after 1/2 a dozen of this ice sheets I decided to stick to the lower elevation instead... plans are made to be broken!

much better!

and that's a pic I took the other day, it doesn't really has anything to do with this ride, but you gotta look at it anyway

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