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It was now time for a break so we walked around a bit, took some pics and bought some snacks at the local market.

It was time to head out as we were trying to make it to San Juanico for the night. Originally we were going to take the road north out of San Jose Comondu to San Isidro but it was starting to get late into the afternoon and we didn't know how long it would take us so we headed west through San Miguel de Comondu on pavement to the highway.

Taking a break once we hit the highway with Baron in the background measuring out his oil again. The goal was to take the paved road to San Juanico but on all the maps it shows the road taking off closer to La Purisima so we bypassed the first sign to San Juanico (whoops) and continued on to the next road which is the dirt road. So we had about 30 miles to go & Baron assured us we'd have enough gas and didn't want to turn around to go back to the paved road so off we went. Now if you've been reading along sand is my enemy so it took us a little longer to get through this section but first we had to cross some water...

Yes, Baron road my KLX across for me

We didn't have anymore pics for the rest of the ride to San Juanico as we were chasing the sun and I think there were a couple more sand naps for the KLX. About 5-10 miles before we hit the pavement the KLX ran out of gas and the 2 cans Chance was carrying on the DR had already been emptied into the IT. So Baron went to work and pulled off the fuel line to the carburator on the DR and dumped some fuel into the gas can for the KLX. By the time we hit the pavement it was dark and the light on the IT wasn't working so Baron rode in the middle. As soon as we hit town at the intersection of the fairground area both the KLX & IT ran out of gas so we pushed them into the parking area of the taco stand. There were all sorts of fireworks and loud music going on as there was a Quinceañera celebration. Baron then took off on the DR to go find some gas as Chance & I sat down to eat as we were starving!

Chance scarfing down dinner!

Since we had arrived in the dark and didn't know our way around we asked at the taco stand if there was a hotel in town and he pointed us to the Hotel 7 down the road. Not a bad place but lights out at 10pm!

Next up San Juanico to San Igancio...
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