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Thank the lord, I think that is the problem. I ran it for 30 seconds to check the oil, about to top it off. After I ran it I put it in gear and clutch it, and if I rock it twice it breaks loose and rolls good. I am trying to top this oil off, I've put 1 quart and a 1/4 in it just about, and it stays on the bottom centimeter of the dipstick. Every time I add more, it doesn't move. I think maybe if I start it I'll get better results? My question is, from the bottom of the dipstick to the upper mark, how much oil fills that gap? Another question I have is with the chain. I put a new chain on it, used a tool to rivet the masterlink in. One side of the masterlink is a little tighter I guess, because it's not letting the chain flex at that pivot point as easily as the rest of the chain, is this a problem? I can make it flex if I grab it and do it.

I've put so much new stuff on this thing, can't wait to ride it. It had a silencer in the pipe that was probably robbing it of a lot of power. I went from a 48t to a 43t rear sprocket. Has new streetable tires on it as opposed to the dirtbike ones it had before. Riding this thing tomorrow will probably feel like a completely different bike.

On a side note, I had a problem with my clutch handle sticking when I clutched it 100% sometimes, I just realised it's the handguard bracket catching the end of the lever when it's fully compressed.

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