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Originally Posted by cjracer View Post
The A60 Excel has two 8mm holes in it stock. I opened one up to 10mm for the Rim lock/Air fill stud.

Mine sealed up no problem, I did a test last night.

I aired the tire up to 38psi. and slowing aired down the bladder. When I got to about 80psi air started leaking around the seal. Aired it back up and it stopped....just like it should. These are not d o t approved, but I like living on the edge and trying new things at my own risk. We'll see how it holds up and I'll keep you posted.

Wild bike you have there Katoomer, nice job.
How are you liking the tubliss? I'm trying to decide between this and running mousse on an Adv but I dont' really like that solution for dualsporting. And I don't want to have to buy a second front rim (1 for commuting, 1 for dirt riding)

What sort of pressures are you guys running? Is there any special prep necessary for such a heavy bike?
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