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Originally Posted by Steveman View Post is the german version for LC8 from KTM Sommer (now KTM west)
Here is the above "SOMMER KTM" tip translated to English. I kept the paraphrasing to a minimum; the content is the same (comments are mine).
990/990 S Summer tip!

Petrol consumption reduction
Long term inspections
Smoother throttle response

It’s good if you can solve several problems with one answer. Those who are interested, please keep reading:
- For those of you who must service your 990cc when no KTM dealer is near.
- Fuel consumption: If you have unusually low gas mileage, and you think it’s because of your driving style, you should perform the following procedure.
- If your idle is too high or too low, this can procedure can help with this issue. Other positive results can be achieved for engines that die when you are stopped or at low RPM or have high idle.
- If you have to constantly rev the engine during cold winter starts just to keep it running,
this procedure can help.

The solution may lie in a new acquisition of parameters
May sound complicated, but it is not. The low cost is out of proportion to the possible improvement.

- A new comparison of the acquisition parameters needs to be performed at each inspection or re-mapping.
- Should the procedure be incomplete or faulty, it must be repeated again 100% accurately or you can take it to the KTM dealer for a faster resolution.
Prepare for the procedure:
- The tank must have several gallons of gasoline.
- The procedure is performed outdoors (safety precaution probably).
- Do it somewhere where it won‘t disturb your neighbors. (lol)
- The vehicle and the owner should be in shadow. (stay cool, man)
- A clock must be present
- The bike must be on the center stand.

* We, SUMMER KTM, did it indoors on a dyno in our workshop in Oberhausen. The advantage is that we can keep the room cool and test the bike right there.

What is to be done:
- The 990 is on the center stand and vertical.
- The engine must be cold,.
- It should be cool when performing the procedure. (Don‘t do it in July at noon in Tucson).
- Start the bike and let it idle for 15 minutes.
- Do not touch the bike while it’s idling: Do not operate throttle or other functions.
- Do not let the bike idle for less than 15 minutes or more than 16 minutes.
- If the bike stops, restart the 15 minutes again.

That's it. But you guys already knew that: this post was just to reassure the doubters.

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