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Originally Posted by qman8 View Post
Never said I MISSED a shift...just didnt match RPM as best I could due to not being able to hear the engine! And dont tell me you've never hit the rev limiter!? These things only go up to about 7krpm!...thats not even into the power band on an R6!
If you want to ride a sport bike, ride a sport bike. I'll bet you $1,000 that I can take my GS places you'd never, ever be able to with a sport bike.

It's not unusual for me to shift into 5th while only going about 25 mph. I might skip 2nd-4th. (Yes, I ride a 5-spd 1100GS, but I've spent some time on a 1200 and it's not much different.)

Next to me right now is a letter from the Richland County Wisconsin District Attorney telling me that I have to pay $175.30 for an amended charge of speeding... this was on the day after I got my bike back from the dealer. The Bike is a 1996 R1100GS with more than 100,000 miles and I'd be able to tell you how many miles if I hadn't broken the speedo in Peru and then ridden another 100,000ish miles before getting the speedo fixed. So I got the bike back and on my first real ride I kept accidentally doing wheelies.

I have a stock exhaust.

And I still think that assholes riding loud bikes have tiny little dicks and are worried that I might find out.
I am Charlie.
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