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Today was a great day to go for a long ride. I play the various south Carolina Photo tag games and by chance in the last week I grabbed and tagged 3 of the state games. I'd been mentioning how I'd like to grab all 6 state games when another inmate let me know that the upstate tag was very close to the midlands so I could grab three tags in one day and make it back in time to walk my old dogs.

Green is the Upstate territory

Yellow is the Midlands territory

Orange is the overlap between the Upstate and the Midlands

Turquoise is the Lowcountry territory

We took off this morning around was really really chilly. In the low 40s to be exact. We made good time as the churches were full and the roads were empty. The first tag was a local game in Cayce South Carolina which is just outside of Columbia. The tag had a real good clue so I drove right up to it. The tag was of a cool graffitied wall at what used to be a coffee shop/art space. So I snapped the pic and zoomed off in search of a good landmark to make the new tag.

Cayce South Carolina tag game

I ended up not far down the road at a state building with an interesting museum out front.

From here I headed out for the upstate tag that was also located in Columbia. On the way to the upstate tag I grabbed a tag for the midlands.

The upstate tag was of a deer statue out in front of the Sportsmans warehouse. I used to shop in this store a lot back when I was crazy for fishing. These days I don't fish much so I'm not often in the shop. So I took advantage of this tag and bought a new pair of carharts and a set of glove liners as my winter gloves were a bit lacking on the drive up.

Upstate South Carolina tag game..

After gawking at customer pics of all the cool hunting and fishing triumphs I realized I was starving. So I fired up the smartphone, selected the trip advisor app and found the 4th best restaurant in Columbia was a bbq joint called little Pigs BBQ. Twenty minutes later we were chowing down on a bunch of various meats stacked tall
On a cafeteria tray.

We rolled out of the bbq an hour later and hoisted ourselves onto the bike. My head was buzzing with cheerwine as we headed west for the last tag for the midlands which was located in the small town of Winnsboro, SC. The tag was of a graveyard with a church in the background. This last tag was very tough. At home sitting in front of my computer with all the power of Google I couldn't locate this tag. This proves Google street view has not yet covered every inch of America. We got to the town which was both quaint and rundown. I found clock tower which was in the center of town. Now I just had to find the graveyard. I started circling the neighborhoods around the tower. As it turns out this town was full of graveyards but none were right. The tag had a very specific iron fence in the foreground. None of the fences were right or there was no tower in the background. So I kept driving around town circling further and further away from the clock.

This whole time I kept passing the same cop parked in front of a gas station. I tried to play it cool like nothing was going on. After the 8th pass he was now staring. I was about to give up when I turned up a street that went up a hill. I was thinking this might be it as the hill would give a good view of the church. Sure enough the street ended at a graveyard. After looking at the tag photo for ages I realized I'd found it!

Midlands South Carolina tag game...

I'd done it. I had all 6 state tags! No big deal but I was stoked to have grabbed them all. I snapped the pics to grab the tag and it was time to head home.

On the way back I grabbed a pic for the upstate tag game and hit the road.

Total milage for the day was 340. I've been thinking of doing a saddle sore 1000 in the summer and this was great practice.

Here are the other 3 tag games in South Carolina

The State Game...
The Charleston tag game (started by yours truly)...
The Coastal Carolina tage game..(formerly the low country tag game...
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