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Originally Posted by Pepperjack View Post
For the benefit of those watching this far I'm happy to say they seem to work very well. Admittedly its the warmer months but I never have the on more than 2/4 ..often only 1/4.

They seem to have :personality: or you might say a mind of their own..let me explain..when you turn them on, its as if they go to 4/4 heat..and then after a bit they settle to what you asked for 1/4,2/4 etc..when they do this they still only indicate what you have asked for but the heat, id swear they're on full heat. They're clearly controlled by a microprocessor perhaps they decided to give a few minute, says 5, burst then settle to the desired setting. days, after my initial challenges, I am very happy. Haven't trail tested them yet, only sealed roads.

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Same grips and same personality, I think they do give a burst of high heat initially then cool off to the desired setting. I also have them turn off on their own occasionally....otherwise they work great.
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