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Originally Posted by Katoom72 View Post
- Brembo brakes (not the best ones for the road IMO but great on the dirt if maintained well)

- Full adjustable WP suspension (48mm front on the KTM vs 45mm on the Tiger)
To be fair to the triumph, bigger doesn't always mean better and showa in general make pretty damn good forks.

- 265mm suspension travel front AND back on certain models and years (Triumph 220mm front and 215mm back - do you need the extra travel? I do since i bottom the 950S out already)
Or you need stiffer springs and different valving, but more travel is always a good thing.

- 207kg vs 215kg (and the Tiger comes with weak handguards and a sucky ass bashplate vs KTM's sturdy handguards and bad-ass bashplate - it's still lighter!)
I dont know anything about the triumph hand guards or skid plate, but the plastic handgaurds the ktm comes with aren't tough enough for hard off-roading with a bike has heavy as the 9x0, and the factory skid while not entirely worthless needs to go for rock solid protection.

Basiclly, the KTM is kitted out better, suits off-road more then any dualsport on the market AND brings the most riding fun of them all.
Damn straight.
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