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Originally Posted by Ladder106 View Post

OK, got some more work done between the games today and a chance to grab some pics of a couple of items. Given that the bike is still in a bunch of pieces I will hit some high lights for now.

Before the pictures a quick story, when I pulled the crash bars off, I was not planning on painting them or having to do anything to them. Well, as I was moving some parts, I kicked them and notice something chipped off???? Chipped of metal? Well, I dug a little deeper and found out the PO had used BONDO to fill in where he had not welded! Yes, bondo instead of welding on crash bars. After looking at this some more, I figured out that he tacked it in place and never did anything to finish it off except to farkle it instead of finishing the job right. So, 20 minutes of sanding four sections, quick weld job and they were as they should have been.. I tell you, when going through a previously owned bike, you have to check everything and not take anything at face value. Now to the pictures.

This is the rebuilt 83' XR250 shock and spring installled

Here is an overview which shows the swing arm. The dark area has been covered in heavy duty bed liner to prevent the chipping I had to clean up.

This is the XR450 rear fender grafted onto the TA's previously shortened fender. I was really impressed with how easy it was able to bolt up. I did use a solid layer of adhesive which has bonded like concrete. Otherwise I was able to use the main tail light bracket to blend and hold the sections together.

16T front sprocket:

The Corbin seat with her new skin. The main seat section has a non slip material (including wet conditions):

There has been some debate about tire fitment and whether or not a 150 will fit...nothing like jumping in and trying. It does fit and yes, it is a little crooked as I have not tightened anything down:

Here is a side view with the inverted brake set up (that was so easy even a caveman can do it)!

With the new suspension in and wheels on, she sits a good 5" higher then before...oh this is so nice now!

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