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Originally Posted by rossguzzi View Post
Hi all,

I have a 03 950 Adventure, non abs with a high guard (not S model). The previous owner put some brake lines on that are too long and one is curled up into a loop near the dash.
I want to order a set of lines of correct length. Could anyone measure the lengths of there`s if you have the same set up?
I dont mind 2 complete separate lines. I think the rh side one is about 1300 mm. The guy I am looking to order from said the lh side one might be 25mm longer, but this dosnt seem enough to me.

Or there might be a set from a supplier made up already. I couldnt find any though.

Thanks if you can help.
The throttle side is 38 inches (36 will work too, but it would have to be run down the back of the fork)

The clutch side is 44 inches (?) if you're running a rally setup: down the throttle side fork, across the top of the of the bottom triple, then down the clutch side clamp. I'm at work now, but I'll check it when I get home. I use rubber coated "P" clamps to hold the line and screw down into the top of the triple.

Like in the rally bike picture above, all of the cable flex happens below the cockpit, I don't want anything moving around in side the fairing/cockpit area.
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