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Originally Posted by crofrog View Post
To be fair to the triumph, bigger doesn't always mean better and showa in general make pretty damn good forks.
Talking off the showroom floor here, the stock WP feels way better then the stock Showa off the 800xc IMO. Not saying Showa is bad, at all. On 450s the stock Showa feels better then stock WP's to me.
(been so for years actually, the reason why KTM/WP has not stepped up in that department beats me)

Originally Posted by crofrog View Post
Or you need stiffer springs and different valving, but more travel is always a good thing.
Again, off the showroom floor. 90% off the 'weekend fun riding with mates' people never toutch their springs or valving. It's only when they go towards (off-)road racing/trackday purposes the suspension upgrades kick in.

Originally Posted by crofrog View Post
I dont know anything about the triumph hand guards or skid plate, but the plastic handgaurds the ktm comes with aren't tough enough for hard off-roading with a bike has heavy as the 9x0, and the factory skid while not entirely worthless needs to go for rock solid protection.
Id go with the stock KTM guards and bashplate off-road. The Triumph would be needing an upgrade for my peace of mind. It's very sub-par for off-road IMO.

Originally Posted by crofrog View Post
Damn straight.

I'm not dissing the Triumph, at all. Just pointing out the KTM comes more rigid straight off the showroom floor. A big bike that's more dirt oriented needs to be decked out a bit stronger, and that results in a higher cost.
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