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Originally Posted by peter650 View Post
Gday Stuser i have a KLR. Dunlop 606s will help heaps on dirt roads. I would go knobbies all around. Most my moments came trying to wash off speed. Found out it was easy to add another 30ks to my straight line speed, but slowing down for corners was not so easy . Knobbie's will help heaps with braking, which will give you confidence to go faster between corners. After a while you find your corner speed will go up. I have come now. I wanted to ride faster which i did. Worked out the ground is to hard & i am to old/soft. I am back to putting around the bush like a turtle.
Thanks, Pete. The braking thing makes sense and that sounds good. I am hoping for faster corner speed too cos that is where I suffer greatly....

Yeah I have a couple of knobbies on the way.

Going to try just putting one on the front at first to see how that affects handling... I have been "advised" that my current dual sport tyre gives better traction on the back on gravel roads.

Got a Pirelli Scorpion Rally on the way... should be fun :)
For the rear, I found a Mefo Stone Master... chunky as....
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