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Originally Posted by timspong View Post
Well just thought I would post this follow up. I went for a 175 mile ride yesterday through 4 states and it didn't clear it up. In fact the site glass became completely white and I couldn't see the oil at all. I changed the oil as a precaution and it was absolutely fine. Apparently, the condensation loves the site glass and builds up to a layer of white gunk. Following the advice of a Ducati mechanic, as Ducati's suffer from this, I just put a heat gun on low and heated the glass and it cleared it right up. Apparently, there is no regulator on the oil cooler so in cold weather the oil doesn't heat up enough to clear the condensation. I guess it's the same with the new v-strom.

Tape a piece of cardboard over half (or more) of the oil cooler for winter riding. Experiment, and only cover what is necessary to get the oil hot enough to burn off the vapor.

175 miles and 4 states? Sheesh -- ride 175 miles in the southwest, and you barely clear one county...
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