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Originally Posted by Brunssd View Post
They want a seat at the table. They are being denied - along with most of the rest of Canadians. Government of, by and for the resource extraction campaign contribution complex.

Resource extraction campaign contribution complex.

Could you please explain where you are going with this comment? And please, honest language. No lawyer talk here, for me, please. Straight up.

Do you want resource extraction? If no, then, if that is the majority view, all money stops. This is what Canada in 2013, and ahead, is. Without this, we are done. Social programs, health care, foreign aid,,,,,"""everyfuckingthing""" . This is what we do. Our labour costs simply cannot compete with the 'Chinas' of the world. Won't happen.

If you do want resource extraction, do you think FN's get 100% of it? Fine,,,,,how do you feel, as the 1%ers of this new society, invested as soul supporters of the 99% of those not FN's? Because, other than the vast majority of this society somehow leaving this country and going???? somewhere else, what will they do?
Really, we have to deal with the present as the present situation. The wrongs done in the past were really bad [thanks catholic church]. And because people found North America500 yrs ago from the 'old world', and modern society became,,,,modern,,,,,there are VERY few societies today that can live a nomadic lifestyle, which is what you have unfortunately had taken from you. Now, we can continue to pull out the blame card for things done 3+ generations ago, continue this no win status quo, or we can all adopt a realistic situation where responsibility falls back to the individual person, where everyone contributes to society, where there are no roadblocks to anyone of any different race given a disadvantage. Everyone should be treated exactly the same. One rule.
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