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Originally Posted by stuser View Post
Yah, gonna teach myself the basics of swapping tyres so I can play knobby dirt master once in a while and then back to the gentleman motorcyclist that I really am....

I got Anakee 2s at the moment, not quite 50/50, more like 20/80.... great on the road but don;t give me shite loads of confidence off road (on the front anyway).

Or maybe it's because I don't know how to ride yet...
Have fun whipping that Stone Master on and off like I said their hard, more of a desert tyre.
My old set up was TKC80 on the from and Avon Distenzia on the rear.
Still running the Avon rear but have swapped to the cheaper Kenda Big Block front. This is on both my 650 and 1150 no worries. As for riding skill, I still think I can't ride I just wing it on a ride by ride basis.

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