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Originally Posted by bobobob View Post
Whoa, doubley impressive.
Going to be a big upgrade from my KLR.
I remember now the quick pic of the guy and the girl in the middle of the vid.
I'll check out his Topspeed vid.
Thanks for the info.
Yeah. AFAIK that video was an ordinary vacation trip, not at all a speed trip or whatever.
He posted about it over here some months ago.
And one must keep in mind those horror speeding fees inside of switzerland, BTW :)
These are no fun. Once in a lifetime.

However, I agree, acceleration seems pretty good. His NC is known to perform very well.
But then, his topspeed values were confirmed by some other riders in our forum and by other youtube videos.

I for myself reached a topspeed of 182km/h (GPS) with the DCT version (which means odometer > 190km/h),
which is still a very good value for a 52HP bike.

Whether acceleration of my DCT could compare, I cannot tell. It is very hard to interpret from those fisheye cams videos and taking into account he was on full load for that ride.

Anyway, given the paper sheet specs and the weight of the bike, it rides like a fun bike. Nasty low end 4cyl (as like XJ6 or whatever) up to maybe 80HP I tested may on the one hand be considerable faster, but on the other hand are no fun rides, boring and oldfashioned compared to this so called "commuter".
Which actually is no surprise to me, coming from single cylinder offroad sports and adventure bike riding.

Now lets hope snow will go away soon.
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