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what does this one do?
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Indeed it is!

Originally Posted by krussell View Post
I'm very likely headed down the same path. I really enjoy the WRR, SM wheels and street rubber would be a hoot.
I have been very fortunate in my riding endeavors to have been able to cycle (pun intended) 25+ horses through the stable at one time or another. Started doing Moto X and desert events. Moved to street and many track days with sport bikes (Duc's, CBR's, Nortons) then big Dualies' (GS's, Tigers, LC4's, 530) etc... This damn WR-X is the most friggen fun out of all of them. In "retard" trim it does twisties, gravel and dirt roads, moto x tracks, hard pack, etc... as long as the dirt isn't to deep (tires plow) it will do it, and do it well. Get the suspenders set up correctly, do the smog surgery, gear it, maxxis rain tires = grins.

Going to mount the Warp 9's this week and try Hollister. Actually for 80% of HH the retard set up would work just fine...

This bike is a hoot, but you guys knew that...
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