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Is there such a gadget?

Now then brothers this is serious question so please treat it with due respect...

Mrs Spacekadet likes riding pillion except she has the unfortunate habit of dozing off. Honestly, I feel this random "thump" on my helmet and I know she has left the zone again. So far she has just nodded forward but I can imagine it being a lot worse one day. Like the bike is suddenly 50 kg lighter...

It only happens on long straights and warm weather. I don't like long straights but that's jsut how they make some roads :(

I suggested a deadman circuit where she gets a zap if she doesn't press the button every minute, but she isn't keen on that.

I seem to remember reading about safety devices that could detect a drowsy driver. Any info on such things? Could they be portable? Just sounding a buzzer might do.
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