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Originally Posted by missadventure View Post
Ah, too bad! Had you gotten a permit from the Altai Republic or were you going to just give it a try at the border?

The x-country looks sweet! Will your wife's bike have the same mods?

Looking forward to the next RR with you and your Missus then
No, I had not gotten any permits. By the time I realised i needed any (Kazakhstan), it was too late.

For the Kazakh border regions and Kazakh Altai, it may be possible to get permits through specialist tour organizations. However, these days, you are supposed to be accompanied by a Kazakh national. I know Walter has traveled in the border region though I am not sure if he had permit's or just took the chance.

While on the subject of permits, Baikanur Village (as in the cosmodrome) is a special case as its considered part of Russia. Its possible to fly into Baikanur, from Russia, without ever 'crossing' the Kazakhstan border. I'm believe that its possible to get permits to visit the village from Kazakhstan, but usually as part of a tour group. I have no idea whether its possible to get an individual permit. Maybe someone else know?

Walter told me that permits for the Russian Border regions between M52 and Tuva can be obtained, while traveling, in Aktash or Kosh-Agach. I forget which...its an age thing. Maybe Walter can confirm

As for mods on my wife's will be individual to her. Obviously many of the parts will be the same but it will remain looking more like a Country than a Challenge. She is much shorter than me, and I'm short.... so we will be very limited on some mods. i.e., she will remain on 19/17 inch wheels and we will have to work out the suspension around that. We'll see what happens. I have already started taking photos of the mods we have already made and, as the bike evolves and takes shape, I will post them somewhere.
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