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Originally Posted by backofbeyond View Post
Back in the summer someone gave me an old 70's Suzuki stroker that they just wanted rid of and I thought it'd be perfect for the Elephant. So, if you're going and you see this either parked up or in a ditch somewhere come and say hello -

It's not the fastest thing on the planet so it's going to take me a few days to get there (especially as I'm going via Amsterdam) so I'm leaving the UK either Tuesday or Wednesday morning and planning to arrive at the site on Friday am. I've got a fairly good idea of what I'm letting myself in for as this'll be my fifth Elephant (although the first for a few years). This is a picture from one I did earlier -

Just look at the plus points,
Slower speed means less wind chill.
Narrow tyres cut through the snow better
Lighter weight is easier to hold up when it gets 'interesting'

You just need to travel faster than the HGVs. Nothing scarier than being sandwiched in the middle of a convoy of Eastern European truckers, then going onto reserve. DAMHIK

My outfit is fully sorted now and we're heading over on the 8 o'clock Wednesday Dover to Dunkirk ferry, overnighting near Cologne then down to the rally on Thursday, arriving hopefully in daylight.
We usually camp in the field with the pedestrian entrance a short distance back up the road you come in on. It means less distance to lug your kit from the road and there's usually a few Brits camping there.
We fly a St Georges Cross bearing the words 'Old enough to know better' and will have some excellent whisky and some killer Chilli Vodka
The Thurmansbang Web-Cam shows plenty of snow at last so bring your sheepskin y-fronts
Look us up when you get there.

Ride safe
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