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Thanks heaps buls4evr for following along and helping out. I think'll get there eventually. I owe you at least . There should be a Paypal button for good advice. I'd buy you a pint

1. I've been trying to track down decent carb cleaner for soaking the whole carb in. Seems no one wants to dispose of it so no one wants to sell it. I have some carb clean in a spray can and I've heard good things about boiling the carb in either water, or believe it or not, lemon juice? Other ideas the auto parts guy presented to me was any kind of parts cleaning solvent. A decent drum of this stuff is $ though. Shall I carb clean from the can, spray with compressed air, give it a good boil, and see what happens?

2. That's the needle after I moved it one step richer immediately after taking it apart. I understand this is not desirable so I'm going to move it back to second to bottom (groove 4), the position it was in before I pulled apart the carb. Since this is getting down the needle, what adjustments can I make to bring it back middle? If anything, looking at the spark plug, I could go leaner from the current posi. Back to number 3. I imagine going leaner won't help me with my getting hot problem though?

3. Thanks for the ditty. I think I have my head wrapped around the relative confusion of needle adjustment now.

4. When you say crank play, does this include con rod play? When I had the top end off I did note some movement in the con rod (something i noticed because it was my first time in ANY engine) but it was only vertically and only a small amount. There was no lateral play. I've heard this is normal. Once I clean this carb properly and reinstall it, then pop on the new pipe, I'm going to try and construct a tester or find some guys to help. I'm also going to see how far I can get into the mag side for a visual look about.

Cheers for the info on the clip with the lip. I was confused because it seemed to come loose from nowhere but it makes sense it was the clip holding it there. So, clip with the lip goes on top of needle clip with spring above. Makes sense.

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1. This carb needs a good hot dip and cleaning

2. The needle should be in about the middle pos....groove 3.

3. The needle is full rich right now. Remember this ditty about THE NEEDLE,'raise to richen, lower to lean".

4. I suspect you have a bad mag side crank seal. Did the crank play get checked also. A bad crank bearing will take out a seal right away. The engine should be pressure tested at the intake to see that it is holding pressure.

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