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Turn the key and it everything lights up as it should.
Battery fully charged and being tended.
Fuel pump and ABS whir on key on. Every fuse has been checked and tested. All good.
Hit the starter and it cranks and cranks, but won't catch fire.
It's not fuel. I've run out of gas before and I know what that's like, the bike won't crank if its not getting gas.
Pulled the plug and looked at the electrodes as the bike was cranking. Where you'd expect to see a spark, there isn't.
Whatever died and is not sending current to the spark plugs, it happened as the bike was parked while I was at work.
Yes, I did entertain the idea that some asshat decided to fuck with it, but I've , gone over it carefully and I can't find a cut wire or empty connector anywhere.
Looks like I've got to bite the bullet and take it in.
Appreciate all the ideas guys.
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