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Originally Posted by CrustyOldFart View Post
GH, I replied to your PM.
Still waiting......
You sent me a PM several days ago and I replied with some questions...crickets
Im considering buying those exact cases from Jesse. What have you decided to do with yours?

One thing to keep in mind is that while you cases may be near new, there is some risk involved in buying used from a stranger over long-distance. Not suggesting you'd screw me, just saying if I have a problem with racks/mount or boxes locks or latches, etc, I just can't call Jesse up for exchange like I could if I bought new and found some problem. So that may be one reason why people aren't willing to pay near new boxes for near new prices. There's a point where the discount from new just isn't worth the risk.

All that being said, however, I would still consider buying yours for a price that I was comfortable with. Just through out a number for me to consider and I'll let you know if that works for me or not and I may counter.

I'm ordering boxes this week either way so let me know.
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