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Question for tuneecu users

Yesterday uploaded a different map to my 06 990Adv. bike was not running properly, terrible flatspot at 3-4k rpm, and 23 MPG.. :(

As soon as the map was loaded, pressed "reset adaptation" and when the task was being done noticed the TPS voltage went up to 0,85v.

flipped the key off, then on, the TPS 0,85v remained unchanged even after connecting tuneecu again. Started the engine and imediatly the revs went to 4k rpm and stood there for a while, then dropped to 3,5k and stood there.

Turned the engine off, loaded the previous map, did reset adaptation, TPS voltage went down to 0,68v. flipped key off, then on, started and it idled fine.

WTF? the tps voltage looks rather high but below that after many many tests, it kept the revs high without dropping below 3k.
Did you use a battery charger when you did your work with tuneecu? Its draining the battery, and when the ecu reads battery power under a defined point under its start up check, it responding with higher idle rpm,s typically about 4000 rpm.
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